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 Mixed Media Collages on Paper and Canvas

and Works on Paper                                                

Fall Where They May 3.jpg


The inspiration for this work is the ethereal and transitory beauty of nature.


I want the viewer to transcend the worries of  life, and be transported to a place filled with harmony and tranquility. I hope my artwork serves as a visual respite from stress and anxiety.


My new mixed media on paper collage series express my abstract impressions of nature. 

The “Thistles” studies incorporate photography, overlays of watercolor painting, and dimensional paint to achieve their ethereal effect. 

The 3-Dimensional mixed media works on paper are hand-cut. They measure 20" x 24".


This work is very suitable for healthcare facilities. Many of them have been purchased for the Permanent Collections of MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, the mega Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT, and in the Tully Health Center in Stamford, CT.

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© Francine Funke, 2022

© Francine Funke, 2024

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