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 Site Specific Installations


Large Scale Murals 


I have created site-specific installations and Large Scale Artwork  for many different applications.

Below is my site-specific window installation, entitled, "Through the Grass Darkly" created for Mixed Greens Gallery in New York City.

I have created a large mural entitled, "Symbols of the Sea" for the  media center of the Rogers School in Stamford, CT, as well as an installation entitled, "Plumes" which travelled to several major museums across the country. 

Site Specific Window Installation: Mixed Greens Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

Large Scale Proposals/ Installations

Christus Installation.jpg

Let It Slide #1

and Let It Slide # 2


One Thousand Museum

Miami, Florida

Zaha Hadid Architects

20.Midnight Garden 7 Diptych_Acrylic on

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