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Mechanical Botanical Series

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The “Mechanical Botanical” Series deals with the effects of Technology on Nature. This recent work combines my original photography, digital scans and manipulation, and archival pigment printing, with traditional media such as acrylic paint, watercolor, and graphite. Each piece is unique because the artist's hand plays a vital role in the finished work of art.


The Mechanical Botanical Series builds upon my recent interest in the persistence and rejuvenation of plant life. All aspects of existence on earth are inter-dependent, and continually developing, changing, and mutating. Based on that premise, how will advances in modern science alter organic forms? And how will that phenomenon ultimately be manifested?


As an artist, all my skills and experiences ultimately influence my artwork—and in this case, it was my knowledge of the computer and software, that led me on an exciting journey of transforming beautiful botanical forms into a “weird science” composed of strangely exquisite “techno-mutations”.


The discovery of the “Mechanical Botanical” Series was an epiphany, and the process of creating this work is intensely cerebral. In my mind, I can manipulate and alter form and shape—and the computer will magically render it visually. My collaboration with the computer never fails to surprise and amaze me in some way—and I am perpetually learning from the results of our efforts.


In the end, the “Mechanical Botanical” Series hopefully provides the viewer with a new and startling way of looking at the world we now inhabit—and perhaps even a glimpse into the hybrid universe of tomorrow.

This Series is comprised of works on canvas and paper, as well as limited edition prints.

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© Francine Funke, 2022

© Francine Funke, 2024

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