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Francine Funke

Fire Works Series




Plume's, Kuwaiti Oil Field Fires, pictured here in the Senate Rotunda, is an installation which has travelled across the country. It was installed in the foyer of the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and in the main atrium of the Scottsdale Contemporary Museum.  Senator Joseph Lieberman from Connecticut sponsored it's installation in the Russell Senate Rotunda on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.


A comprehensive exhibition of the Fire Works Series, entitled, "On Fire", took place at the Rich Forum, Stamford Center for the Arts, in Stamford, CT. A book/catalog of this work, entitled "On Fire" poem and paintings, by Francine Funke, accompanied the exhibition, and is in many major museum and university libraries.



Fire Works Series

The terrible beauty of blazing and explosive fires fueled my Fire Works Series of paintings.

What began for me as a formal artistic process, mainly concerned with the inherent properties of manipulated paper and sprayed acrylic paint, evolved into a social and ecological statement.


Increasing world and national acts of terrorism; the War in the Persian Gulf; wildfires in California; erupting volcanoes; colliding comets in outer space; global warming; and the eternal flame of racial, religious, and ethnic turmoil, have brought many issues relating to fire into focus.


These events graphically depicted how the element of fire links society’s mad machinations to forces which are both overpowering and uncontrollable. The distressing consequence is a flammable mix of Man and Nature.

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© Francine Funke, 2022

© Francine Funke, 2024

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